KINO EXPO Convention & Exhibition

WELCOME TO KINO EXPO INTERNATIONAL and by KINO EXPO, your gateway to worlds fastest growing cinema / TV / digital media and entertainment industry markets of Russia and neighboring CIS and Baltic countries.

18th KINO EXPO INTERNATIONAL Convention & Exhibition and by KINO EXPO will take place in St. Petersburg, at the new Expoforum Congress Center, on 19 23 September 2016 (Convention dates). Exhibition dates: 20 23 September 2016. KINO EXPO established in 1999, is the worlds third largest international cinema industry convention and exhibition with the focus on markets of Russia and neighboring CIS (former USSR) Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine, Armenia, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Central Asian countries, alongside with Baltic countries - Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia.

KINO EXPO Convention is the one and only annual event for Russian/CIS cinema and entertainment industry, and at the same time the meeting point of Russian/CIS and international cinema business communities.

At KINO EXPO all major Hollywood studios, Russian/CIS and international independent distribution and production companies present their upcoming films and product reels directly to the local cinema theatres operators, TV channels and digital media.

KINO EXPO Exhibition is the worlds third largest motion picture theatre equipment exhibition, which as well incorporates various entertainment systems/technologies and digital signage solutions for the cinemas and shopping malls.


is the unique innovative format of presenting content for cinemas / TV / digital media and for showcasing products and services in the fields of content production, distribution, marketing, delivery and licensing.

Exhibition Categories:

Showcasing content for cinemas, TV, digital media, VR, rights trading.
Content distribution cinemas, TV, digital, VR
Content marketing
Content delivery: technologies and services
Content licensing
Innovations for content creation, distribution, marketing and delivery
Equipment, technologies and services for film/TV and VR production, post production, visual effects:
  • Film production / post production studios.
  • Cameras and auxiliary equipment, camera support.
  • Lighting and sound equipment.
  • Digital film production and post production equipment and software, visual effects, digital intermediate.
  • Film, film processing and storage.
Locations, financial incentives, film commissions.
VR: technologies and content.

Presentations and Screenings:

Films in production work in progress.
TV content.
VR content.
Alternative content for cinemas: concerts, opera, ballet, interactive entertainment, sports, live events.

KINO EXPO Conferences

KINO EXPO features conferences and seminars, dedicated to content exhibition, distribution and production business issues, as well presentations of new cinema and entertainment product, services and technologies.

KINO EXPO University is the unique series of free to attend technical and marketing presentations/demonstrations by worlds leading cinema equipment manufacturers.

Concessions business development conference and seminar program, hosted by The Coca-Cola Company, is free to attend for cinema theatres F&B professionals.

Russia China Cinema Forum

The Russia - China Cinema Forum is a special event in KINO EXPO programme, dedicated to further strengthening cultural cooperation of Russia and China, by showcasing both countries films and TV content directly to cinemas, TV channels and digital media, as well as to the officials in the field of culture and cinema.

Russia / CIS cinema industry: facts and figures
2016 - The Official Year of the Russian Cinema!

Russia/CIS market is one of the worlds largest in terms of cinema theatre box office and new multiplex construction growth. The new multiplex annual growth rate is very encouraging, with over 500 new screens opened in Russia/CIS in 2015! There are more than 4000 modern digital screens in operation in Russia alone, not counting CIS countries, where new multiplex growth rate is even higher.

2016 has been officially announced as the Year of the Russian Cinema! This year, the Federal Government allocates about 35 million euro in direct subsidies to over 500 regional cinemas in small towns for digitization and overall modernization. In addition, 40 circuses all over Russia will receive federal subsidies to install cinema equipment in order to be able to arrange film exhibition at daytime, when there is no circus performance. Besides federal funding, various regional funding programs become available to modernize cinemas and install cinema exhibition equipment in some cultural establishments.

It is estimated, that television in Russia/CIS brings more than 5 billion USD annually to rights holders of films and TV content. VOD market has grown rapidly in recent years, bringing few dozen million USD to rights holders.

St. Petersburg

KINO EXPO is very pleased to welcome you in its hometown, St. Petersburg, the worlds most beautiful city. The availability of very reasonably priced nearby hotels will make your visit cost-effective, while magnificent St. Petersburg will make your stay an unforgettable experience!

St. Petersburg has now become one of the worlds most lucrative shopping destinations, with lowest prices on brand name fashion items and accessories. For more information on the City of St. Petersburg, please, read more.

Join Russia/CIS content and entertainment industry at KINO EXPO 2016 and , break into the one of the worlds most lucrative cinema, TV and VOD markets and celebrate the Year of The Russian Cinema!

Welcome to St. Petersburg, to 18th KINO EXPO 2016 Convention & Exhibition and !